Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hello everyone!
Yesterday I had a fantastic day at the Leigh Handmade and Vintage Fair, my most successful fair ever, HOORAY!!

After a manic week of preparations it was great to see it was all worthwhile.
I was showcasing a new range called SEASIDE SPECIALS and showing lots of other new cards and collages, including my new 1960s collage.
Another brand new series of pictures I'm working on got an airing as well. My COLLECTOR'S CORNER series, which I only started last week.
I'm really excited about these, and will be doing a lot more in the future.

As always it was great to meet so many people and to get so much positive feedback, thanks everyone!!

I'm hoping to have some more news of future fairs very soon, so keep in touch!

Have a look at my piccies of the stall, if there was anything you really regret not buying, email me now and let me know!!!

All set up at last, Mavis once again on hand to help out!

Here is the SEASIDE SPECIALS with beach huts galore!
My SEASIDE SPECIAL flag proudly on display!

The RETRO FOOTBALL range was madly successful again!
Here is the card section with the DAZZLING DECADES in the background!

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