Monday, 23 May 2011


Welcome to the latest addition of my series DAZZLING DECADES...


I know it's always called Swinging, but this is my take on that famous decade!
As with all the Decades series, every item is from my own collection.
So all those magazines, photos, books, records, stamps and tea and coffee canisters you see have all been painstakingly sourced, scanned in and messed around with in Photoshop especially for you!!
If I find something else, I'll add that too, so this may not be final version!

All this gives you a unique sense of what everyday life in the Sixties was all about...

It will now be available to buy as cards, framed pictures and A3 mounted posters.

And now onto the 1970s...........phew, more hunting around markets and in my loft for stuff!!!

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